Previous Conferences

This archival section is for past promotional materials.

If you have brochures/flyers from a year that’s missing here, please contact the webmaster.

2017:”Our stories, God’s stories” BrochureVideo.
This year there were goods for sale from:
Megumi Project
Asian Rural Institute
Nozomi Project

2016: “Composition of a Lifetime” Brochure,  German article (published in Gemeindebrief Tokyo, Kobe)

2015: “Inner Garden”   Brochure

2014: “Through the Valley”   Brochure, Flyer

2013: “Treasuring Our Gifts”

2012: “Relive, Revive, Restore”

2011: “Health and Healing – Mind, Body, and Spirit”   Brochure, Flyer

2010: “Following the Jesus Way”   Brochure, Flyer

2009: “Storytelling: Where are you going? Where have you been?”   Brochure

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