What to Bring

The Women’s Conference is a retreat! Be prepared to relax and rejuvenate by bringing the following:

  • warm casual clothes and socks
  • slippers
  • towel/washcloth
  • Bible
  • mug/teacup
  • journal/notebook & pens/pencils/markers
  • small bag to carry materials (or things to take to onsen)
  • outdoor shoes/jackets if hiking to waterfall or nearby onsen
  • yoga/exercise clothes
  • comfortable casual shoes for outdoor use that are easy to slip on and off
  • lap blanket (optional)
  • hair dryer
  • flashlight

Note: Those who are staying at Nogi Onsen do NOT need to bring the following: hair dryer, towel/washcloth, breakfast items

For those staying at ARI, there will be a shared fellowship breakfast arranged for each building. Some breakfast items are included (eg. hot drink, bread for toast, cereal, milk, local fruit, eggs, jam). You are invited to bring your own favourites, and any items that you would like to share with others.

The conference has long enjoyed the Snack Table tradition. You are not obligated to bring anything, but we invite you to bring any food/teas/drink mixes to share. For more information, please contact the Snack Coordinator.

The Resource Table is available for those who would like to bring brochures, pamphlets, or newsletters from their organizations. If you would like to display any print material, please contact the Chairperson.

Your registration fee covers all meals and common costs for the conference. There will also be books, gifts, and tithing opportunity with separate costs. These will be cash-only.

Not what, but WHO: The sole reason Women’s Conference has lasted this long is because each year, faithful participants bring their friends! If you have attended before, no matter how long ago, bring a new friend! If this is your first time to attend, bring a friend along so you have a roommate who you already know!

PLEASE NOTE: No childcare will be available; only nursing infants may come with you.The conference will be conducted in English; translation will not be provided.

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