2009 – ‘Storytelling’

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

The aim for the 2009 Women’s Conference was to have a more reflective retreat-like gathering, where we could contemplate our ideas of home, journey and exile, with opportunities to share our experiences through drama, painting, ritual, dance and even storytelling.

The focus of our storymaking was the Exodus from the Jewish Testament. In this story we see a people struggling in exile in a foreign land as slaves; we see them as free people struggling with homelessness and hunger; we see them facing life in the promised land, facing the challenge to do God’s will and live by the promises they have made. We had as our facilitator, Megan McKenna who is the author of more than 30 books, many focusing on the stories of women from the Bible. Megan has specialised in leading weekends and is a renouned storyteller. Please see her website for some ideas of who she is; http://www.meganmckenna.org

Workshops on the Saturday were mostly related to storytelling, some of the stories being movingly shared on Saturday evening.  New events this year were an outdoor activity, walking to to onsen, and the continuation of the Conference into Sunday afternoon, when two further workshops were offered. The Sunday service offering went to support the Fair Trade Wakachiai Project; and two groups that support victims of domestic violence, Kalakasan located in Kawasaki, and the shelter supported by West Tokyo Union Church.


Here are a few photos from the 2009 conference:





Hope to see you all next year!


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