2010 – ‘Following the Jesus Way’

wocon 2010

Fifty one women attended the 2010 Women’s Conference in January at Amagi Sanso, and if the evaluation sheets are anything to go by, it was a greatly enjoyed. Thanks for sending me your photos from the Conference. The album is now up on picturetrail.

Here are some thoughts from, Teresa Sherrill, the chair of the 2010 Conference, “Although preparing for the conference was a joy ……  I enjoyed the opportunity to BE with a fabulous bunch of diverse women and enjoy experiencing God’s voice being spoken through them and in them.  The atmosphere of the conference was very warm – right down to the fireside room, the lovely tea prepared by Alison and the ‘intimate’ onsen.  Diana’s talks were engaging and invigorating, drawing us to walk the Jesus way in each of our own journeys.  The workshops gave a taste of heaven as we heard and were able to participate in the experiences of our dear sisters in Christ.  The worship gave us an opportunity to share deeply in communion and be encouraged richly through the liturgy, song and word.  And the lovely snacks – yummy again this year.  The only thing really to say is ‘can’t wait to laugh and BE with everyone next year…'”


What we did:

Workshops and Activities.

All weekend:Labyrinth Carol Sack, Mitsuyo Takeda
Labyrinth will be available all weekend. Mitsuyo Takeda is a trained labyrinth facilitator who can share her training and expertise with other workshop participants. She will also provide information at display tables.

Quiet Room
Please take advantage of the quiet room. This is a room for reflective, quiet bible study, and prayer. Devotion materials will be available.

Walk to Waterfall – self-guided

Fair Trade Goods – Alison Gray

Friday evening:
Proprioceptive Writing Time   (2 hours) Sarah Oba,  Alison Gray,  Nancy Nakaoka
Those who wish to may join an informal group for prioceptive writing. This is a writing method allowing the participants to do self-exploration through writing. Baroque music, a lighted candle, paper and pen or pencil. Spaces limited. Sign up at registration.

Saturday afternoon workshops and activities: 

Session 1: 13:00 to 14:00

Harp Ministry (1 hour)  –   Carol Sack
Carol Sack will draw upon her experiences in ministry to others to share a engaging workshop on harp ministry. The workshop will include a visual presentation as well as the harp. Come prepared to be deeply touched.

Praying with Body and Soul (1 hour) – Rev.Stephanie Bartsch
Stephanie Bartsch is an ordained Mennonite pastor who is a missionary at Kwansei Gakuin Elementary School. She choreographs and has been a professional dancer. This workshop will draw on Stephanie’s wealth of knowledge to focus on movement and prayer.

Fair Trade (1 hour) – Alison Gray
This workshop will discuss fair trade: what it is and how it works. Alison will share information on fair trade in Japan as well as her experiences with working and sharing information about fair trade. This should be a thoughtful workshop with practical approaches to becoming actively involved in the fair trade movement.

Hula Dance (1 hour) – Claudia Genung
Claudia and her hula friends have danced hula for various services at West Tokyo Union Church where she is the pastor.  She will share some basic hula dance steps as well as the meanings behind the hand movements. Participants will gain a greater appreciation of hula and have fun.  We will also learn a simple hula praising God’s creation to use in the closing worship.

Our Foremothers (1.5 hours) 13:00-14:30 – Gloria Bauer Ishida
This will be a workshop on family history and genealogy with a focus on foremothers in family history. Gloria will share information about her own research into family history and participants are encouraged to come ready to explore their own. It will be an active workshop. Members can benefit by bringing their own family photos or keepshakes to share.

Session 2: 14:00-15:00

Yoga, Holism, and Environmental Sustainability (1 hour) – Sherilyn Siy
Simply put, mindfulness is awareness or being in the present moment. It contrasts sharply with the preoccupied state of mind in today’s high stimulus and fast-paced culture. This workshop will look into how the modern world supports duality — mind vs. body, left vs. right brain, urban vs. rural, masculine vs. feminine — at the cost of our own physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual well-being, as well as the wellbeing of the earth. Our activities will draw from the wisdom of the ancient practice of yoga (Sanskrit meaning “union”) in order to work towards integration and wholeness, and to nourish our connection with our selves and with the earth.

Worship through Sign Language (1 hour) – Jean Ware
There’s great joy to be found in worshiping the Lord with all our heart, soul, and strength.  Using sign language while singing can enable us to worship more completely.  In this workshop, we’ll learn the signs for the words in a couple of songs, and then practice worshipping through sign language.  Jean loves to sing and worship and teaches English and IT classes at Tokai University.

Health and Life Discussion (1 hour) – Karen Seevers
Where are you going, where have you been…health wise? What holds us back, gets in the way, keeps us becoming or staying healthy? Join a discussion group centered around healthy daily food choices, simple exercises and ways to reduce stresses that come up as we journey through out life stories.

On Foot to the Onsen(14:30 for  14:40 departure) – Mary Beyler
Setting off from Amagi Sanso, the walk to the onsen takes about 45 minutes at a steady pace, passing through varied terrain, mostly downhill. Portions of the trail are not paved, so proper footwear is a must.

Sunday afternoon:

Tea and chat

Walk to the waterfall

Proprioceptive Writing Time   (2 hours) Sarah Oba,  Alison Gray,  Nancy Nakaoka
Those who wish to may join an informal group for prioceptive writing. This is a writing method allowing the participants to do self-exploration through writing. Baroque music, a lighted candle, paper and pen or pencil. Spaces limited. Sign up at registration.


JANUARY 22-24 2010

Friday, January 22nd
2:00pm Registration Begins First Floor, chapel building
2:30-4:30pm Conversation, Fair Trade tea and coffee, meet the speaker, signup for Saturday activities.Set up labyrinth (in gym) Fireside Room
5:00-5:55pm Welcome & Orientation Chapel
6:00pm Dinner Dining Hall
7:00-8:30pm Worship and First session with Dr Diana Bass Chapel
8:30pm Free time or labyrinth, conversation, snacks, ofuro
Saturday, January 23rd
7:00-7:30am Morning stretch/exercises
8:00am Breakfast Dining Hall
9:00am Welcome Chapel
9:15-10:15am Worship and Second session with Dr Diana Bass Chapel
10:15-10:45am Coffee and Fellowship Break Snack Table
10:45-12:00pm Third session with Dr Diana Bass Chapel
12:00pm Lunch Dining Hall
1:00-2:00(or 2:30)pm Workshops Varies
2:00-5:30pm Second Workshops, walk to onsen, buses to and from onsen, health discussion, freetime: walking, writing, praying, labyrinth Varies
Choir Practice
Sunday Worship Prep.
6:00pm Dinner Dining Hall
7:00-9:00pm Worship, Sharing: about charities, thank yous, workshop offerings; 4th session by Diana Chapel
9:00pm Free time or labyrinth, conversation, snacks, ofuro
Sunday, January 25th
7:00-7:30am Morning stretch/exercises
8:00am Breakfast Dining Hall
8:30-9:15am Room cleaning, check out, luggage to main lobby
9:30-10:45am Worship with Eucharist, homily with Dr Diana Bass Chapel
11:00am Hand in your evaluation
Alternative #1 11:00am Pick up obento and bus for Shuzenji leaves at 11:30am
Alternative #2 11:00am freetime / cleaning up
Alternative #2 12:00pm obento lunch Dining room
Alternative #2 1:00pm optional activity Fireside or other room
Alternative #2 2:30pm bus for Shuzenji leaves at 2:44pm

12:35pm express to Mishima, Yokohama, Tokyo12:40pm local to Mishima (for Shinkansen and local JR train connections)A chartered bus will be reserved to meet these trains on time.Local buses run about hourly throughout the afternoon, and cost 800¥. Bus to catch the 15:39 Odoriko (express to Yokohama and Tokyo) from Shuzenji leaves Amagi Sanso at 14:44

*Note: The Labyrinth is a walking meditation and a path to prayer that is being rediscovered and used in various forms around the world. Available throughout the weekend, the labyrinth is a replica of one laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France about 1220.

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