2015 – Nurturing Our Inner Garden



JANUARY 30 – February 1, 2015

Nurturing our inner garden


From the introductory page for the 2015 conference:

Now on its 58th year, the 2015 Women’s Conference will be held on January 30 – February 1, 2015 at Amagi Sanso. We are thrilled to announce our speaker this year: Hailing from South Africa,  Hendrina Symington, or Hennie, serves alongside her husband, the current pastor of Tokyo Union Church.  Hennie will be gifting this year’s conference with her delightful humor, sharing the richness of her experiences, and leading workshops on nurturing our inner gardens.

About Inner Gardening

We each have an inner garden that needs tending. Caught up with our daily schedules and giving of ourselves to the varying demands of work, home, family, and community, we often forget to tend to our own needs. Neglected, we may find our gardens to be overgrown with the weeds of negativity, weariness, disappointment, doubt, and fear. This Women’s Conference weekend is a time we set aside to revisit our own gardens and rediscover its power and beauty.  As we till, cultivate, and plant, we hope to grow an inner place we can always go to for peace, solace and strength.

There will be ample opportunities to till our gardens in solitude, as well as to revel in the flowers and fruits of our garden with friends old and new. This year’s Conference promises to be the same retreat enriched with the warm fellowship, spiritual wellsprings, mental stimulation, and physical refreshment that women discover year after year. Find out why Scottish writer Alison Gray, calls the Women’s Conference “…the one retreat I need to get me through the rest of the year.”

We have available a short promotional video on YouTube about the Women’s Conference that’s less than 2 minutes long. Please feel free to share this video with your friends.

If you still haven’t, please “Like” our Facebook page. It is a fun and easy way to share news, photos, links, and stories relating to the current and even past Women’s Conferences.

If you would like some brochures to help advertise the Women’s Conference, please let us know and we will mail them to you.

Save the date and I look forward to seeing all of you there!


Sherilyn Siy

Chair, 2015 Women’s Conference

Facebook page: click here

The brochure for the 2015 conference can be downloaded here (2.4MB in size). Note that this is a two-sided document intended to be folded into half.

Chairperson’s write-up:

At the 2015 Women’s Conference, we got in touch with our inner landscapes and took stock of what’s growing in our gardens. We had the opportunity to revisit the rivers of our lives, with all their twists and turns and recognize how unexpected events have changed the courses of our lives. Speaker Hennie Symington led us through what it means to grow through loss by sharing one of the darkest times of her life, losing her son. Sunday morning finds us surrendering our rocks of sorrow and hardship and with this wonderful community of women, we created a beautiful zen garden offering at worship. A big thank you to everyone who shared the gift of themselves to make this a truly grace-filled and enriching weekend. I look forward to connecting with you again in future conferences.

– Sherilyn Siy



This fee covers lodging, six meals, conference program, and free onsen admission. Please register as soon as possible.


Individual rates covers accommodations, six meals, conference program and a trip to the local onsen.

EARLY BIRD RATE (payment postmarked by Friday, November 28, 2014)
¥19,000 – Japanese-style room
¥24,000 – Western-style room

REGULAR RATE (payment postmarked from December 1 through 31, 2014)
¥23,000 – Japanese-style room
¥28,000 – Western-style room

LATE RATE (payment postmarked in January 2015)
¥29,000 – Japanese-style room
¥34,000 – Western-style room

GROUP RATE – 6 or more (payment postmarked by December 31, 2014).
To avail of the group rate, payment of all group members must be made at one time by the group leader and the names of group members must appear on the post office payment slip.
Price per person:
¥19,000 – Japanese-style room
¥24,000 – Western-style room

Bring your daughter at a bargain rate! As an additional incentive, mothers bringing daughters may pay the early-bird rate no matter when payment is made.
Please fill out and submit a form for yourself first, choosing “Early Bird” for your own registration type below. Then fill out and submit a second form for your daughter, marking “Daughter” as the registration type for her.
Mother ¥19,000, Daughter ¥14,000 – Japanese-style room
Mother ¥24,000, Daughter ¥19,000 – Western-style room

If you have been awarded a scholarship, please click “Scholarship” under registration type below. There are a limited number of scholarships available with priority given to those in full-time Christian work. If you wish to apply, please email woconjapan@gmail.com before filling in this form.


Casual dress, warm socks/slippers, towel, wash-cloth, Bible, a bag to carry your materials and a coffee mug. Sensible outdoor shoes, and warm outer clothing will help maximise enjoyment of the outdoors. If you desire, bring extra money for the Sunday offering. You can also bring books, devotionals, or other items for the Sharing Table to display or give away. You need not bring a snack unless you agreed to do so on your registration form.

PLEASE NOTE: We regret that there is no childcare available; only nursing infants may come with you. The conference will be conducted in English; translation will not be provided.

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