2016 – Composition of a Lifetime

The 2016 Women’s Conference will be held January 29~31 at Amagi Sanso.


Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life? Have you wondered about the meaning of your life? Do you admire great artists, writers, architects, and composers — and envy their genius (even just a little)?

We forget that even the great geniuses who produced masterpieces had their dark moments, too. We don’t always know what goes into great compositions, but more importantly, we forget that we are great compositions!

Maybe we don’t have that one thing to show for our lives. Except we do! It takes every major and minor part to compose an entire life! We have much to celebrate because we are each fearfully and wonderfully made.

Join us for a celebratory weekend of rest, relaxation, restoration, and fun as we explore the wonderful compositions of our lives!

tomokoSpecial Guest Presenter: Tomoko Arakawa, Director of Asian Rural Institute (ARI)

Tomoko Arakawa first heard of Asian Rural Institute (ARI) as a high schooler when its founder, the Reverend Dr. Toshihiro Takami, gave a speech at her school in Gunma prefecture. As an undergraduate and graduate student majoring in language and sociology, Arakawa volunteered and interned on and off at ARI. While in the US for graduate school, she applied to a position at ARI and joined the following year as a full-time staff member. That was in 1995.

Since then, Tomoko-san (as she is known to the hundreds of staffers and students over the years) has worked for 20 years in just about every department of the ARI program — and she did this full-time while raising two children. It came as no surprise when she was appointed director, after 11 years as assistant director and managing the many day-to-day details of the institute.

Tomoko-san joins us this year as a special-presentation speaker on how ARI affects life composition around the world. She will be sharing what a typical student’s life looks like before the 9-month training, and with never-before-published impact studies show how a new life composition emerges. In a separate workshop session, she will be available for more in-depth Q&A.

ARI is more than simply an organic farm. It is an educational institute that uses organic farming as a platform to train participants (many of whom are from marginalized racial, ethnic, or religious groups) in three conceptual pillars: servant leadership, ‘foodlife’, and community building.

Conference Costs

Individual rates covers accommodation, six meals, conference program, and one onsen admission.

EARLY BIRD RATE (register by 31st October)
¥23,000 – Japanese-style room
¥27,000 – Western-style room

REGULAR RATE (register by 15th December)
¥26,000 – Japanese-style room
¥30,000 – Western-style room

LATE RATE (register by 15th January)
¥32,000 – Japanese-style room
¥36,000 – Western-style room

Bring your daughter at a bargain rate! Please submit a form for yourself first. Then submit a second form for your daughter, marking “Daughter” as the registration type for her. It is assumed that you will be your daughter’s roommate, hence the reduced prices below for the same room.
Daughter ¥19,000 – Japanese-style room
Daughter ¥25,000 – Western-style room

Chartered Bus

Due to cost prohibitive factors beyond our control, the conference will not be providing a chartered bus. Some years ago, the government allowed anyone to become a “bus driver”, with disregard to strict safety standards. As a result, there have been many traffic accidents caused by bus drivers falling asleep at the wheel. The government’s reaction to this is to impose heavy penalties on bus companies, which made them increase their insurance packages. Therefore, customers like us must pay A LOT more money than in previous years.

Last year, the conference suffered a loss of ¥60,000 (even after all passengers paid their portion). This is not a liability that the conference can continually support. This year, the conference will be financially conservative in this respect and not risk the potential loss.

This of course does not stop any churches or individuals from chartering their own bus. If you feel so inclined to book a large vehicle, please feel free to pursue that option. If you are having trouble finding enough people within your own group and would like to open up seating for others, the conference will be happy to make a carpool announcement on your behalf. The conference will not be involved otherwise, since the choice to charter a vehicle will be your private business.

Facebook Grouphttp://www.facebook.com/groups/wocon2016

If you are on Facebook, please join the group set up for the 2016 Conference. This is separate from the FB page, which you may already be a part of.

What’s the difference?
The group is much more suitable for our purposes because it specifically is for the upcoming event. Downloadable files will be available on the group (but not on the page). Announcements will be a more direct notification. Overall, the group is a better platform for us to communicate interactively and organize our activity.

What if I’m not on FB? (or don’t use it so regularly?)
Don’t worry! The most important information will be on the website! But if you like receiving updates and reminders (like when registration fees are cheaper) or if you want to coordinate things like carpooling or what to bring — the FB group will make things much easier.