2017 – Our Stories, God’s Stories

with Rev. Susan Townsley


Chairpersons’ write-up:

We celebrated our 60th celebrative year, at the 2017 Women’s Conference, held January 27-29, 2017 at Amagi Sanso Conference Center. We were thrilled to have Rev. Susan Townsley as our speaker. Susan was a co pastor at West Tokyo Union Church from 2011-2013 as well as involved in the choir and many outreach activities at Tokyo Union Church from 2009-2013. Susan gifted us with her delightful humor, rich storytelling, warm presence, deep biblical teaching and so much more.

This year`s workshops: Hennie Symington & Maggie Yamasaki on communicating effectively in families and other relationships. Claudia Genung shared with us the joy of dancing to children’s church songs. Ruth Rogers encouraged us to see the connections between our bodies and our environment. Beautiful Quilting happened with Julie Fukuda. Carol Sack graced us with a Harp Workshop. Ruth Ingulsrud delighted us with a puppet ministry workshop! Mitsuyo Takeda guided us in a reflective and interactive Labyrinth workshop. Keiko Gray led an interactive time of stories and artwork related to Psalm 23.

We also enjoyed a loving retreat atmosphere where we experienced amazing storytelling, spiritual connections, super workshops, movement, laughs around the fire and lounge, yummy food, lots of hugs and warm fellowship that our women relish year after year.

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The Women’s Conference

Each year the brochure is available for download under the registration page – please feel free to share the brochure with friends far and wide. Every year, word of mouth is our best advertisement. Here is the 2017 brochure.

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A sincere thank you to each and every one of you who shared the gift of themselves to make this a truly grace-filled and enriching weekend. Thank you for being the hands and feet and heart and mind and story of Jesus to those around you. We look forward to connecting with you again in future conferences.

Teresa Sherrill and Nancy Nakaoka co chairs
Betsy Terada, Ruthie Rogers, Esther Yomoah, Kathleen Froede, Ruth Ingulsrud, Sherilyn Siy and Susan Townsley (committee)

Beautiful Karen Seevers took lots of wonderful photos of us – please click here to enjoy.

Logistical Information for the conference:

Registration is open from 1st October 2016-
we look forward to hearing from you – if you need to register by paper, please call or email below and we can snail mail you a registration form


REGULAR (payment postmarked from December 18 through to the conference)
¥26,000 – shared Japanese-style room
¥30,000 – Western-style room for 2 w/ bath

Note: All western rooms include 2 twin-size beds and sometimes a small fridge.

¥19,000 – shared Japanese-style room
¥23,000 – Western-style room for 2 w/ bath

This per person fee covers lodging, six meals, conference program, ice cream cone, a free onsen bath – and opportunities for a whole lot of fun

Register online at: woconjapan.org

Payment: FURIKAE Available at any post office. Send to the following address:
Acct# 00240-3-29031      Acct Name: Women’s Conference

Please remember to allow 7 days for the money to reach our treasurer and be recorded. Please write your name and address in ROMAN LETTERS.

Co-Chairs: Teresa Sherrill and Nancy Nakaoka
For general enquiries, contact Teresa at info@woconjapan.org
For phone enquiries, contact Nancy at 080 4678 7241
Registrar: Betsy Terada
For enquiries about registration, contact Betsy at reg@woconjapan.org
Treasurer: Esther Yomoah
For enquiries about payment, contact Esther at treas@woconjapan.org

FINANCIAL AID – There are three types of financial aid:

Full time ministry or humanitarian work: for those engaged in these activities and are in need

Travel assistance: for those coming from far away – if you need help with car pooling, please let us know

Economic hardship: for those who require financial assistance in order to attend

From time to time, we have enough donations from individuals and organisations to help women who will be otherwise unable to attend the conference. Please note that the availability is limited, and even when awarded, the recipient will still be responsible for a portion of the registration fee. Priority will be given to those who are attending for the first time.

If you feel you need financial aid, please fill out the application form here or write to info@woconjapan.org for more information.


Contact us at woconjapan@gmail.com if you would like the contact info … So far ..

  • THANKS EVERYONE WHO GRACIOUSLY GAVE A RIDE TO OTHERS – next year there will again be ride sharing

If you have a ride to offer, please let us know and we will add your car to the list = )


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Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/The-Womens-Conference-373702912668052/

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What if I’m not on FB? (or don’t use it so regularly?)
Don’t worry! The most important information will be on the website! But if you like receiving updates and reminders or if you want to coordinate things like carpooling or what to bring — the FB group will make things much easier.

Chartered Bus
Due to cost prohibitive factors beyond our control, the conference will not be providing a chartered bus. Some years ago, the government allowed anyone to become a “bus driver”, with disregard to strict safety standards. As a result, there have been many traffic accidents caused by bus drivers falling asleep at the wheel. The government’s reaction to this is to impose heavy penalties on bus companies, which made them increase their insurance packages. Therefore, customers like us must pay A LOT more money than in previous years. Unfortunately in the past, the conference suffered a loss of ¥60,000 (even after all passengers paid their portion). This of course does not stop any churches or individuals from chartering their own bus. If you feel so inclined to book a larger vehicle, please feel free to pursue that option. If you are having trouble finding enough people within your own group and would like to open up seating for others, the conference will be happy to make a carpool announcement on your behalf.