Registration for the 2021 conference begins Oct. 1, 2020.

 Please fill out the online registration form and make the minimum ¥3,000 payment by furikae (for Japan residents) or by donating a minimum of USD$30 via the listed link below (for international online attendees).
NOTE: We are a local (within Japan) organisation and do not provide help with obtaining entry visas to Japan.


There are two steps to registering: 1) Payment and 2) Registration

1) PAY the ¥3,000 or $30 minimum and add optional love offering

Japan Residents: Use a Postal Money Order (furikae) to remit your money. Pick one up at any post office and remit to the following account:

Acct #: 00240-3-29031
Acct Name: Women’s Conference

Please remember to allow 7 days for the money to reach our treasurer and be recorded. Be sure to write your name and address in Roman letters. Sometimes we have trouble attributing payment. This happens when the registration form name is different from the name on the furikae form. If this situation applies to you, please e-mail to inform us of the name on your form and the date of remittance.

International Residents: In lieu of international wire transfers to WoCon, please make a donation of at least USD$30 or the equivalent to JOEE is WoCon’s designated charity for 2021.

To make your donation, click on the picture below. GlobalGiving is a vetted and certified 501 nonprofit crowdfunding organization. Donations to JOEE will be verified and a digital thank-you message will be sent to indicate that your donation has been received:



Please register by clicking on the following words: Registration Form.

We expect almost everyone to use the online form, but if you need to register by post, please email, and we can send you a registration form.

After paying and registering, you will be sent the online conference links as soon as they become available.

If you are having trouble registering online, please email


(No cancellation refunds are processed during an online WoCon year.)


Because the 2021 Women’s Conference will be online, costs are reduced. We are asking for a minimum ¥3,000 or $30 (or international monetary unit equivalent) contribution to cover honorariums and costs of conference set-up and management. Any extra funds beyond the registration will be added to the love offering to


2021 Conference Coordinator: Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud
For general enquiries, contact Ruth at
Registrar contact: Gail Okuma
For enquiries about registration, email
Treasurer contact: Sarah Oba
For enquiries about payment, email

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